Thursday, December 12, 2013

Newborn Cloth Diaper Review

I planned on using cloth diapers 100% of the time after my baby had passed all the meconium and her umbilical stump fell off, but it didn't happen that way. I bought 4 different types of newborn sized diapers and had 15 total cloth diapers. However... the type of diaper I had the most of did not perform and we ended up using the cloth diapers at night and eco-friendly disposables (is that an oxymoron?) during the day. I tried out three different brands of disposables, and I definitely prefer cloth over disposables both for the environmental factor and the performance factor!

Newborn Cloth Diapers

Rumparooz Lil Joey's Newborn AIO: These were by far my favorite! The company states that they are for babies 4-12 pounds, which makes it a great option for preemies/smaller sized babies, however my baby was born at almost 9 pounds, and could only fit into these up to 2 weeks old, even though she didn't hit 12 pounds until now at almost 5 weeks, her chubby thighs just didn't fit! They have a double gusset and are lined with fleecey absorbent fabric and NEVER leaked. Her skin was never irritated from these, and they are super easy to snap on and off. They sell new for $30 for 2 on their website, but you can find them on ebay used which is the most economical way, especially because they are used for such a short time, buying used is better with almost all cloth diapers!

Grovia organic cotton Newborn AIO: We used 2 of these before we realized that they were horrible. The liner is stitched to the waterproof exterior around the leg openings in ruffles that wick moisture from the inside of the diaper to whatever clothes baby is wearing, so you have to immediately change baby's diaper as soon as they go, which isn't really realistic, especially at nighttime. I do like that they are organic cotton and have a flip out "tongue" soaker that makes them dry quicker than if it was all stitched together. I bought all of mine on ebay for very cheap, probably because people know they aren't that great! I do have 2 Grovia AIO one-size diapers with snap in organic cotton soakers to use when baby is a little bigger, but right now she's in an in between size where the newborn diapers are too small and the all in ones are way too bulky, so we're using mostly disposables with the exception of....

Swaddlebee's "Blueberry" Simplex Newborn AIO: These ones still fit my 12 pound baby, even with her chubby thighs! They also have a flip out soaker that makes them dry quickly, and snap down to avoid the umbilical stump, which was nice the first week when she still had it, but luckily it came off quickly! They don't leak, but the liner is stitched pretty close to the exterior around the leg holes and can wick a little bit. We have 2 of these, and they are super cute and easy to use and we would definitely use these again.

Kissa's newborn cloth diaper
Kissaluv's Newborn AIO diaper: These are my husband's favorite. The inside is fleece polyester, the outside is polyester, so they're not my favorite because I'd rather have cotton against baby's skin, but these DO NOT LEAK, and are super easy to put on and off. There is no soaker or pocket for an extra one so they do get soaked quickly, but you could probably put a soaker pad in there and it would work great. These and the Swaddlebee's are the only diaper that still fit our baby at almost 5 weeks old!

Washing cloth diapers is super easy. Everyone does it differently, and you have to adjust how you clean them once baby starts solids, but right now all we do is run a cold rinse cycle in the washer, then add a scoop of Rockin Green laundry detergent, and run a warm water full cycle. We tumble dry them on delicate/low. In the future once we have a place to hang them dry I will definitely be using a clothesline for the one sized diapers we have.

I'll write reviews of all the different types of "eco-friendly" disposables we use in future posts!

Do you cloth diaper? Love it? Hate it? let me know!

xo, Ashley

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  1. We use Imagine bamboo prefolds with thirstie covers. Love it!